Integrating Innovative Practices For Bodymind Health Workshop

Description: This one day workshop will be teach a variety of techniques gathered from around the world by Dr. John Hartung, based on his book Innovative Practices -from the East and West- for Bodymind Health. Workshop will consist of yogic breathing techniques, EFT tapping, and TFT Acupoint stimulation, Heartmath, Alpha-stim SCS, Auricular therapy, aromatherapy and Ho O’ponopono. You will walk away with the skills to use breathing and basic yoga, EFT tapping, /TFT Acupoint stimulation, Heartmath, aromatherapy and Ho O’ponopono with your clients. You will gain experience and knowledge around the use of Alpha-Stim unit and Auricular Therapy. Training fees will include the book Innovative Practices From the East and West for Bodymind Health, essential oils, and materials to participate in Auricular therapy. All these practices can enhance our life, health and the work you do with clients.


8:30am- Welcome and overview

9:00am- TFT Acupoint and EFT Tapping

10:00am- Heartmath

11:00am- Yogic Breathing and simple yoga

12:00pm- Lunch

1:00pm- Ho O’ponopono

1:30pm Aromatherapy

2:00pm Alpha Stim

3:00pm Auricular Therapy- NADA protocol

4:00pm- Ending and Visioning

Date: TBA

Canine Assisted Interventions in Psychotherapy Workshop

This workshop is geared towards mental health graduate students and professionals who want to integrate animals into their professional practice. This workshop is for humans only. Asha, Darlene’s pet partner will be present to help demonstrate interventions. This workshop will be focus on canine behavior and interventions and may be translated to other species. This workshop does not provide certification of competency - you are not tested as part of the program. Workshop will focus on providing intervention ideas.

This workshop will provide 6 hours of education around animal assisted interventions and how to provide these interventions in the context of psychotherapy ethically and professionally. 

Date: TBA

Early registration will be priced at $75 this will be one month prior to workshop. After this registration will be $95.00.

Outline for the Workshop

8:30 - What is Animal Assisted Therapy? A brief overview and history of this field.

9:30 Ethics for animals and clinicians and suggested policies, best practices, and Tellington Touch

10:30 Rapport Building and Treatment Planning Interventions, documentation of sessions

12:00 - 1:00 Lunch

1:00 – Group Interventions- calming signals

1:30 – Interventions for Addictions and Common DSM-5 Diagnoses

2:00- Interventions for DBT and CBT

2:30- Termination and Grief and Loss Interventions


  1. To have a basic understanding of Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI)
  2. To learn about animal ethics and the ethics of doing animal assisted work.
  3. To have an ethical basis for offering AAI and AAT.
  4. Learning about canine specific behavior and calming signals.
  5. To learn how to partner with a canine to offer interventions in the following areas: rapport building, treatment planning, group interventions, addictions, DBT, CBT, Termination, and Grief and Loss.


  1. Increase knowledge about the history and research around AAIs.
  2. Participants will report an increase in ethical principles when doing AAIs.
  3. Participants will take away ideas to implement ethics into their animal assisted practices.
  4. Participants will know the difference between animal assisted interventions, activities and therapy.
  5. Participants will report knowledge of the difference between therapy dogs, service dogs and emotional support dogs/animals.
  6. Participants will leave with at least 1 intervention to implement in their psychotherapy practice in the following areas: Building Rapport, Treatment Planning, Addictions, CBT, DBT, Termination and Grief Interventions.

Trauma Informed Motivational Interviewing

•What is MI
•What is Trauma
•Trauma Informed Care
•Harm Reduction
  • How to use MI as an advocate, case manager or therapist. 
  • How to safety plan using MI
  • Working with ambivalent clients 

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