Immigration Evaluations

Life presents us with challenges to overcome. The leaving your homeland and establishing a new home takes bravery, hard work and a strong desire to find opportunities for your family.  Some people are forced to leave their country because of war, persecution, lack of resources, poverty or human rights violations. Others seek opportunities to their family with schooling or safety.          

Staying in the USA is a barrier for many as immigration laws and services change. Many families are being ripped apart.  The emotional effects can be difficult to live with  like depression, stress, heartaches, health issues and anxiety for all family members.

There are many hoops to jump through to obtain legal status to remain or return to U.S. I want to be able to help support you through this process. I can help you by conducting the mental health evaluation (Hardship, Asylum, Domestic Violence).  I am dedicated to making the report comprehensive. I have a quick turnaround time, usually within two weeks. I have been working with immigrants since I was age 14 in some capacity of another.  I have a years worth of experience writing evaluation, and have worked clinically with the immigrant population for the past 14 years.   I keenly understand the intricacies of immigrant situations, and what a judge is looking for in an immigration evaluation.  I have been helping people heal from trauma for the past 12 years, and have good insight into how depression and anxiety manifest.

Evaluations Include

Meeting face to face or tele-health to cover all of the following:
  • A thorough biopsychosocial history and evaluation.
  • Behavioral observations and interpretations.
  • Clinical assessment, interpretation of symptoms, and DSM 5 diagnoses.
  • Administration of validated symptom screening tools and severity measures to support clinical diagnoses.
  • Culturally sensitive de-stigmatization of symptoms and referrals for ongoing treatment, as indicated. 

Currently I offer:
  • Virtual/Online Evaluations for any Colorado resident (with stable internet access and a computer or a smartphone with a camera)


Trauma Evaluations (U Visa, T Visa, Asylum, & VAWA Petitions):

Hardship Evaluations (I-601 & I-601a Waivers)
$1,200 +$100 for every family member who needs to be interviewed and included on the report.  

Payment plans are available.  Half of the payment is expected the initial session. 

Reports are completed and submitted to referring immigration attorney within two weeks of evaluation date (subject to full payment)

Trauma Evals (U-Visa, VAWA, and Asylum)

Trauma Evaluations take a deep look into the impact that the trauma, and how it's impacted the client's overall mental health as well as their overall functioning. The report clearly states client's current mental state and includes clinical diagnoses.

Many clients have a long, intense history of trauma. I deeply understand the complexity of exposure to chronic stress and the cumulative psychological impact over time.  I will document well the impact this has had on you from many facets with credible research. 

I will consult with your attorney to understand the needs of your case. 

Hardship Evaluations

Hardship Evaluations are complex,  I assess the diverse ways one may be impacted by a loved one's inadmissibility.

Multiple areas of life are explored and assessed:  Physical Health, Mental Health, Work & Finances, Education, Personal Considerations, Special Factors, Collateral Information (support from teachers, counselors, other family members) among others. Each of these areas of potential hardship is assessed from both 1) the perspective of the resident/citizen remaining in the US without their spouse or family member and 2) the perspective of the resident/citizen leaving the US with their spouse or family member.  I will consult with your attorney to understand the needs of your case. 

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