Empowerment Photography Sessions

Take a brave deep look into your self image with this package.

This is an experiential deep dive into self image with finished photography.  Start off with meeting with Darlene to set intention for your experience.  This experience include several personalized journaling and self reflecting prompts to help you discover a more profound relationship with your body and image. The focus is less on the result of the photograph, more on the process of self reflection that arises.  After you've completed your journaling meet again with Darlene to shape your photography session. Be active in the creative process of your photography.   Once you photography has been captured meet one more time with Darlene to process the experience and meaning. 

Through this journey find peace and joy in being in front of the camera. This experience is for anyone who has struggled with body image, disordered eating, had a hard time being in front of the camera, or anyone who wishes to have a more empowered photography experience.  Darlene provides a photography experience in a trauma informed way helping shape safety and comfort. 

Darlene works hard to provide a genuine and authentic space for you to feel safe enough to connect to your inner self. 

Get ready to get intimate with yourself

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Empowerment Photography

Mapping out the Journey

Reach out to Darlene

Schedule your first coaching session with Darlene to begin the Journal. 

Self Reflecting/Journaling

Over the course of time that you set at your own pace, do self reflecting from specific prompts Darlene will give you to help you have an understanding of where your beliefs come from, to help you clarify your values and beliefs, and then start confronting beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you.  

2nd Session with Darlene

Spend an hour with with Darlene going over your process of self reflection. Be an active creator in your photography session, and feel empowered to be authentically you. 

Photography Session

2 hour photography session with just you, in the location you select, in the clothes that make you feel you, expressing how you want to be photographed. Supported every step of the way with body positivity and care from Darlene.

3rd ending and processing session with Darlene

After the photography edits have been completed do an unveiling session with Darlene to process your emotions and thoughts around your photography. 

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